Not A Single Person Or Device Without A Battery

In fact, every functioning human being has his own inbuilt battery. So to the proverbial saying ‘to have your batteries charged’. This happens when you become worn out and tired to the bone. Your body and mind send you signals which you choose to take note of or ignore. Frightfully, that is one thing your flesh and bones batteries have no control over. Your freedom to choose. You choose to heed the warning signals being submitted.

Or you choose to ignore them. But sometimes at your own peril. Speaking of having the freedom of choice, perhaps today it could be said that consumers in general have never had it better. It may not have been possible in the past but today the classic Kenwood radio can keep on running just as it always did. How is this possible? Well, that is because unlike the past perhaps, the radio operator will always have access to a necessary kenwood radio battery.

Technological advances continue to be made in leaps and bounds, and at such fast and unprecedented rates that it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to keep up. None more so in the transformations made with the much prized smart mobile device. And to think that once upon a time people called this unit a cellular telephone, as in telephone instead of landline. So old-fashioned and yesteryear.

kenwood radio battery

But there you go. And speaking of having the freedom of choice, it did have its limitations. Previously, it may not have been possible to find a replacement Motorola unit, let alone find another battery for an old device, still in good condition and that could still carry on ticking along. If only it had its Motorola battery. And now it has.